BLACKOUT! Eric Weiner

ISBN: 9780553373028

Published: November 1st 1993


101 pages


BLACKOUT!  by  Eric     Weiner

BLACKOUT! by Eric Weiner
November 1st 1993 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 101 pages | ISBN: 9780553373028 | 6.63 Mb

Alex, Tina, Jamal, Lenni, Gaby, and Rob--theyresix good friends with one hotsecret: Ghostwriter!Blackout !Hey, who turnedout the light?Just who blew thefuse that left the entire borough of Brooklynwithout electrical power forhours?And where did TinaMoreAlex, Tina, Jamal, Lenni, Gaby, and Rob--theyre  six good friends with one hot  secret: Ghostwriter  !Blackout !Hey, who turned  out the light?Just who blew the  fuse that left the entire borough of Brooklyn  without electrical power for  hours?And where did Tina and Gaby disappear to in all the  confusion?More importantly,  whats the connection here?Havent  got a clue?

Join the Ghostwriter team as they  explore the dark side of the criminal mind and shed new  light on this case!

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