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Abducted 3  by  Michael J Freeman

Abducted 3 by Michael J Freeman
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Ex detective John Baker’s search for Kylie leads us to the murky world of buying children and where £3 Million cash is the going price for “a little blonde girl.”John discovers paedophile rings in powerful places and rich and powerful VIPs who use children in perverted sexual torture orgies.

In the past every time their name came up in police investigations the order came “from above” to drop the case. But now that he is no longer in the police he doesn’t take order from above anymore...He is a holy warrior now, an avenging angel that people are starting to call The Avenger.John goes on the trail of these evil men and becomes judge, jury and executioner to administer what he calls “natural justice” in the name of God. First he kills one criminal a child torturer then others then he begins to mutilate them and leave signs on the body...In the third volume of the trilogy he starts to poison child killers and rapists that he has discovered that are members of elite British paedophile rings with homemade Hemlock that he boils up from the plant.

Hemlock is a fast acting poison that paralyses the victim so that they can be tortured and feel severe pain while being unable to cry out..It is what Socrates was forced to take by the Ancient Greek nobles for corrupting the youth of Athens..

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