Lil MS Tiny: 5 Roger Hargreaves

ISBN: 9780843108927

Published: August 13th 1981


32 pages


Lil MS Tiny: 5  by  Roger Hargreaves

Lil MS Tiny: 5 by Roger Hargreaves
August 13th 1981 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 32 pages | ISBN: 9780843108927 | 8.44 Mb

She was so tiny that the people couldnt see her. And this cat went near her and she thought the cat would get her and she lived in a mouse hole. But she was different from the others. Nobody noticed her and she was pink. She had a blue bow on. She was a girl. She met a Mr and he was red.

When little miss tiny came out of her mouse hole at the barn he picked her up (Mr. Strong) and Mr. Strong took little miss tiny over to meet some friends. She never had any friends so thats why Mr. Strong took little miss tiny there. Tiny met Mr. Tickle.

When she met Mr Tickle she laughed a lot cause he tickled her but 1st she met Mr Funny. First he picked little miss tiny up but Mr. Funny made tiny laugh so much that she couldnt stop laughing. She met a pig that was so much bigger than her. She stared at the pig because she went exploring. She ran out of the barn when she met the pig. The pig was pink. She did not know the colour pink. Once she came out of her mouse hole she wanted to go exploring. She thought she would meet some horses.

She was shy. she was super tiny. Tinier than a cat. she was tinier than anything, even people. Mr Happy was very happy at her. She was smiling too. At the end little miss tiny - she did not know she would meet another person that was as small as her - they met and they became friends.

With Mr. Small.- age 6

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